Bosham Harbour

The Most Beautiful Berth on the South Coast (Shell Channel Pilot)

Sailing along the south coast is one of life’s pleasures and, when the time comes to put into port, it is reassuring to know that there is at least one port where the pleasure continues. Bosham is the prime mooring in Chichester Harbour, one of the finest sheltered stretches of water in the country.

With it’s delightful lanes, friendly shops, eating places and historic church, a visit to Bosham is a must for any sailing holiday.


About The Harbour
Approaching Bosham Quay starboard side, there is a Southerly cardinal mark, which should be to port when entering, with a line of wooden breakwater piles to starboard. There is a grid area at the Easterly end of Quay where you will also find the Quay Master’s Office.

Bosham Channel carries 2 metres to within 2 cables of the Quay at low water with moderate Spring tides. It is possible for craft drawing 2 metres to lie alongside the Quay. At the Easterly end of the Quay there is space for three or four yachts, dependant on size, to sit on a purpose built grid area. Pressure washers for washing down are also available.

Launching and landing is available at any state of the tide, as a slipway runs down to low water. A limited number of berths are available on the Quay for sailing Dinghies.

We also offer to mooring customers the use of tenders on a daily basis and the facility of a small crane for lifting craft less than two tons, engines or masts, together with the usual facilities of electricity, water etc.

Mooring Fees 2017

A/2           £200 per metre
A/3 *        £187 per metre
A/4 **      £133 per metre
B/3 (P) * £135 per metre
B/3 *       £113 per metre
B/4 **     £105 per metre
C/3 (P) * £98 per metre
C/3 *       £63 per metre

*  Charges made at a minimum length of 7.5m.
** Charges made at a minimum length of 6m.
All mooring fees not paid by direct debit will be subject to an extra charge of £25.00
All charges include VAT

Classification of Moorings

Ref. to charted depth of mooring

A - Deepwater
B - 3/4 tide
C - 1/2 tide (max weight 1.5 tons)

Max length of vessel

Class 1 - 18m
Class 2 - 14m
Class 3 - 9mClass 4 - 6m

Note; These classifications are dictated by the Chicester Harbour Conservancy.

Contact Us

Hundred and Manor of Bosham

Quaymaster’s Office
Bosham Quay
Old Bosham
West Sussex PO18 8HR

Telephone; 01243 573336


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